TIE is an international B2B software company, established in 1987 and focused on Business Interoperability. TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing Total Integrated E-Commerce solutions. These solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy needed to market, sell and deliver online. Thus, TIE enables companies to do business electronically and to lower costs by synchronizing their product information and business processes with their partners in the Supply Chain, playing a major role in global E-Business standardization and has years of experience providing TIE customers with the benefit of solid, future-proof products and awarded technology.

TIE is a Public Company (NYSE Euronext: TIE Kinetix) with thousands of customers across all major industry sectors. TIE has offices in the USA, The Netherlands, France, DACH, Spain, UK and Australia and is represented in Latin America and Asia. TIE is focused on the domains of Content Syndication (Market), B2B Integration (Deliver), E-Commerce (Sell), and Business Intelligence (Analysis).

In addition, TIE is Board Member, Steering Committee Vice Chair and SME lead of the NESSI European Technology Platform on Software and Service. Since its foundation in 1987 TIE has been active in B2B E-Commerce, not only in application development but also in the standardization process and related for a including the United Nations CEFACT infrastructure.

As a software technology provider TIE will provide its experience, knowledge and tools to solve interoperability problems, SoA platforms and services and infrastructure development. Technically speaking, TIE focuses in four domains: Business Integration, Content Syndication, E-Commerce and Business Analytics/Intelligence. Among these four, TIE will provide its experience (over 25 years) in Business Integration, Messaging platforms and the knowledge acquired due to this long running business. As such, TIE is able to interconnect systems from different players for any supply chain with the usage of tools and consultancy services. TIE is active in the Business Intelligence and Data Mining fields, providing decision-making tools to companies. An example of these fields is the mining and presentation of social information in real world scenarios. Furthermore, with the usage of the Business Analytics/Intelligence area the knowledge on how to take profit from experienced consultants and data analytics tools and methodologies will be of a great profit for the project.

TIE and its members, can also bring its experience of having participated in previous Building and Construction ICT related research projects, such as SEAMLESS (STREP IST-026476) or prodAEC network (IST-2001-32035).

TIEs Kinetix platform provides a next generation E-Commerce system allowing all partners of the supply chain to communicate with each other seamlessly and has broad experience in content syndication.

TIE SmartBridge (TSB) and TIE SmartStart (TSS) are the product flagships of the Business Integration, interoperability and communication area, providing both syntactic and semantic approaches for data extraction and transformation though TIE Smart Integrator (TSI). TIE is one of the main actors in content syndication worldwide. TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform (CSP) provides traditional companies with the tools to manage their product information and distribute it online from one master data source, acting as a “single source of truth”. Finally, TIE, through its Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining solutions, provide decision-making tools to companies. An example of these fields is the mining and presentation of social information in real world scenarios. One of top tools of TIE on this field is Revolution eXtreme (RX) which is a revolutionary approach to control requirements for enterprise information management.




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