The LUCID-ULg is a research laboratory attached to the the Department of Architecture, Geology & Civil Engineering (ArGenCo), in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Liege, Belgium. The team counts 15 members covering multidisciplinary skills such as design engineering , computer sciences and cognitive ergonomics.

LUCID-ULg develops new methods and tools supporting design and design learning in various fields as : architecture, engineering, design and collaborative activities.

The work of LUCID-ULg is basically focused on the following activities :

  • design Process and collaborative activity : design support and decision making, cognitive analysis of design tasks
  • design Modeling; 3D building modelers, BIM, technological models, performances √©valuation
  • advanced ICT; multimodal interactions in collaborative activity (sketch, annotation, mobile)




Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for Energy-efficienT buildings

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