Entreprises Jacques Delens.

Entrerpises Jacques Delens (EJD) is a construction and development company founded in 1967 and based in Brussels (Belgium) with annual turnover of 120 million euros.

The EJD handles contracts in both the public and the private sectors. The company is involved in the construction, renovation and restoration of office buildings, housing, industrial complexes and services such as sports and leisure centers, hospitals, hotels, residential homes, schools, auditoria, cinemas, etc.

The company's business focuses on Belgium I, the Brussels region and also on Walloon and Flemish Brabant, although it also operates both in Wallonia and in Flanders.

Jacques Delens has an extensive knowledge in the construction domain and, more specifically, in the energy efficient building (passive). The first passive offices in Brussels date back to 2007 and were built by Jacques Delens. Since then, several projects have been delivered or are underway. Now, Jacques Delens have approximately 40.000m² of past or ongoing construction projects with optimalized energy performances or with passive or very low energy buildings.

The company joined the BESIX Group, a Belgian major international player in the field of construction, in 1982. BESIX Group is the largest Belgian group, operating in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, environmental projects and roads. BESIX is also active in the production of raw materials, facility management, real estate development and concessions. It profiles itself as a multi-services group, from client idea to realization and operation.

The Group was founded in 1909 and has grown steadily and impressively ever since.

BESIX S.A., its biggest subsidiary, is active in practically every field of construction. In addition to the activities of BESIX and its other subsidiaries in Benelux and France, the Group is active in Europe, North and Central Africa and the Middle East (via Six Construct) and in Central Asia and Australia.

In 2013, the Group achieved revenues of EUR 2.3 billion. BESIX Group has about 18,000 employees active in 20 countries across 4 continents.




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