ACCEPT’s Strategic SiMaApp Satellite

One of the key findings from project involvement to date has been that there really is no substitute for working face-to-face in collaboration with our fellow consortium partners. As illustrated by our plenary meetings, these sessions are where the consortium has been at its most creative; sparking innovative ideas and stimulating project advancement. As we are now entering a stage of project involvement where our efforts are beginning to come to fruition in the shape of tangible, workable prototypes, it has therefore been decided to increase the number of contact meetings between partners. These ‘satellite’ sessions allow partners to bridge the gaps between plenary meetings, working together on precise and complex project issues in small collaborative groups.


Representatives from Ingleton Wood LLP, Ascora GmbH, and Fraunhofer Italia recently came together for one such meeting in Bolzano, Italy. The objective of this meeting was to focus on development of the SiMaApp; assessing functionalities and how these would be refined and piloted. Throughout the meeting, this dedicated group of Technical and User partners assessed how these functionalities should look, and how these tied in with specific user stories, designed to represent how the software would operate and assist in a real world environment. With on-site piloting activities looming ever closer, it was also important to discuss feasible timescale forecasts for bringing these plans to reality, and inputting this into the ongoing process of prototype refinement.

Such close collaboration between dedicated Technical and User partners is crucial in keeping ACCEPT relevant to its target niche, and in ensuring the functionality and usability of the software is kept at the centre of what we do; optimising this for realising the maximum project impact. As always, the meeting proved extremely useful, with several key decisions made and partners leaving with a number of important actions on their to-do lists. The consortium now keenly awaits the latest round of prototypes, and looks forward to the next meeting in Norwich, England, in December.